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Cherished Amber - Wax Melt

Cherished Amber - Wax Melt

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This is a truly luxurious & indulgent scent made up of cherished amber & incense entwined with a woodsy cedar & vetiver then finished with musk, patchouli & vanilla.A scent to be lovingly cherished and to bring a touch of luxury to your home


Leya & Buster Candles wax melts come in wide variety of scents. They are designed to be used with a suitable wax melt burner or electric wax melt burner. Our wax melts give you an excellent & long lasting scent throw. Each pack weights approximately 50g & includes 4 cube melts. 
*Colours may vary*
Use one cube at a time and this should give you at least 8-16hrs per cube of fragrance depending on your burner. Our wax melts are all hand poured using our unique wax blend. The melts come packaged in a 4 cavity square clamshell made from 86% recycled materials & can be recycled after use.
Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time in a tea light burner & always follow burner instructions . 
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