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Candle Warmer (Gold)

Candle Warmer (Gold)

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New innovative and stylish candle warmers let you enjoy the fragrance of your favourite candles safely without the need to light them. 

The clever design of this warmer will produce heat from the bulb from the top which will allow the wax to melt on the top of the candle. Diffusing the beautiful scent around your home. 

You can also control the intensity of scent diffusion with the rotary dimmer switch. 

*candle not included 


• Flameless, smokeless scenting from any wax candles. (Leya Buster Candles Recommend) 
• Experience consistent candle performance; even burn pool with no tunnelling. 
• Emits a warm inviting light, can be used as a lamp
• Dimmable light, control the intensity of the lamp
• Silent operation
• Suitable for any space

How to use

1. Install the bulb by aligning the bulb pins and twisting clockwise into position.
2. Place the candle on the base.
3. Plug the adaptor into the power source.
4. Turn the rotary dimmer switch clockwise, to adjust the light intensity.

Material & Specs


170 x 330mm




Warm ambient

Lamp Type
GU10 bulb (2 bulbs included in the box)

UK plug

Rotary dimmer switch

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